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Fantastic points. Will use these the next time some unnamed staff try to snow us.

Good article. I think though that some organizations might be anti-Cloud because so much of the Cloud is anti-internal Operations.

Interesting, Chris. Please explain what you mean when you say the Cloud is anti-internal Operations. Do you mean because it could put Operations personnel out of a job or they follow different rules or something else?

Well, I’m an infrastructure and ops guy. I see Cloud-oriented blog posts titled “Fire your 1990's Style Operations Team" and it is obvious that it’s not meant for me. Recently the founder of MuleSoft went so far as to publicly ponder what his sysadmins will do now that we live in this Age of Cloud Computing in his SysAdmins, R.I.P. post. I've read from many developers writing of their pleasure working with the cloud simply because they no longer needed to interact with their ops teams. I believe there is even a term for it: NoOps.

Personally, I don’t believe that Cloud Computing will destroy the careers of operations people--someone needs to manage this stuff and the Cloud doesn’t eliminate calls to the help desk or trouble tickets. I don’t think that operations folks in general are change averse or afraid of the process changes that may occur with the rollout of a private cloud. I think Operations people are leery of anything that makes them even more invisible to their business and development partners and the language of cloud-oriented blog posts, marketing literature, and the like do little to dispel those impressions.

This is a great response, Chris. Thanks! Actually, I think that "Fire your 1990s style Operations team" blog posts might be meant for you because, based on your response, I suspect that you're not a 1990s style engineer (i.e. "We've never tried that before...")

At my company, we pair Infrastructure/Ops engineers with Software engineers in our solutions. I don't want to hire the person who says "the cloud is evil (or implies it through clever technical obfuscation)". Likewise, I don't want the person who says "what will the Sys Admins do now in this age of Cloud Computing...?", because, I'm in agreement with you, you need this Systems expertise and the Cloud will not destroy the careers of progressive engineers like I imagine you are. If an Operations engineer doesn't appreciate the power that Cloud Computing can bring, I must admit, I don't feel like they're open minded and definitely can't see the writing on the wall. Furthermore, Cloud Computing will destroy the (at least, the interesting) careers of those who refuse to adapt and learn about it - this goes for Developers and Systems Engineers.

HP to drop 9000 IT employees over cloud, anyone who thinks it's not changing careers needs to do more research.

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